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In this video I learn how to make plum brandy/rakia/slivovitz the traditional way based on the techniques of Neven Vorkapic from Kapela Distilling in Croatia( )

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Bearded’s Plum Rakia
40-50pounds (18-23Kg) of black and/or red plums – destoned, chopped or crushed
5 tsp Pectic enzyme -
1 packet K1V-1116 –
5 tsp yeast nutrient –
5 Campden Tablets -
Sugar- Not Recommended for this recipe, but optional
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1. Remove the stones from the plums, then chop or crush the flesh, add pectic enzyme and add 2 quarts (2L) of water. You can blend the mixture up with a paint mixer to help the fruit break down. Let macerate with pectic enzyme for 12 hours.
2. Strain some of the liquid to get a gravity reading. Add Campden tablets to kill wild pathogens, then allow the wash to sit for 24hours.
3. After 24 hours the Campden tablets should be inactive. Add yeast and yeast nutrient, then allow it to ferment.
4. Knock down the fruit cap once or twice every day to prevent mold growth.
5. Once fermentation is done, DO NOT LET THE WASH SIT FOR MORE THAN A FEW DAYS!
6. When fermentation has completed, scrape off the top film of the cap and discard if it looks moldy.
7. The finished product can be clarified and bottled as wine and aged, or distilled.

Disclaimer: This video may contain a simulation of the process of distillation filmed for entertainment and educational purposes only. The equipment depicted is solely for the production of distilled water, essential oils, and brewing. The information on the process is provided for its entertainment and educational value only. Distillation of alcohol is currently illegal at the U.S. Federal level if done without a license, even for the sole purpose of personal consumption. Understand and follow Federal and State laws when making alcoholic beverages. If you attempt this project, you assume all risk. Please drink responsibly.

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