Rose-Colored Glass Cocktail | Quick Cocktail Recipe!

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The Recipe:

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~ Cocktail History & Information ~
The Rose-Colored Glass cocktail is a drink built with angostura, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and sparkling rose wine!

Rose-Colored Glass Cocktail Info:
Sparkling rose wine is romantic and irresistible. While it is acceptable to pour yourself (or another person) a glass of bubbly, rose-colored wine, it can be fun to mix a cocktail with it.

The Rose-Colored Glass cocktail is similar to the Champagne cocktail. The Champagne cocktail requires placing a sugar cube in a Champagne flute and adding bitters. Finally, pour Champagne or another sparkling wine over it.

When it comes to the Rose-Colored Glass, it is built with more bitters, the use of simple syrup instead of a sugar cube, and lemon juice to boost tartness! The result is light and bubbly, fragrant, and mildly sweet.
This drink is excellent for any occasion, but it's especially good for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day dinners, and any other date night.

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